See us Saturday afternoon 6/22/24 at FAT DADDY’Z  in Summit

 and Saturday afternoon 8/3/24 at  FAT DADDY’Z  in Summit



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Comments from fans:


Into The Void forever!


It was mind blowing to hear the first two albums played entirely and spot on perfectly. You were all so cool, professional, and excellent musicians. I have seen Ozzy and Black Sabbath 10 times the past 20 years and you guys did songs they never even played live.


We really enjoyed the show, You guys do Sabbath proud! Incredible! First time seeing Rat Salad.


I'm really looking forward to your show – your new guitarist "kills".


Thanks for the incredible music.


My first time seeing Rat Salad.  It was incredible.


Rat Salad The Black Sabbath Tribute Band are a group of incredibly talented, amazing performers that will Never Say Die when it comes to carrying the flag musically, when Black Sabbath retires in late 2016. 


Rat Salad is by far the best Sabbath tribute I have seen.


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